Baby's favorite sleeping position Did you know?


What is your baby's favorite sleeping position?

Each baby will develop their own sleep habits. There are those who prefer the supine position, there are also those who prefer the tilted position, or even on their stomach.

Babies who like to sleep on their stomachs can have various 'styles', for example, they can sleep on their backs. As long as they look comfortable and you see that the position doesn't hinder their breathing, of course it's okay.

Make sure that the pillow he uses does not 'bury' his head so that his breathing is not disturbed. Sleeping with a thin pillow or even without a pillow will be better for the neck muscles and spinal development. A pillow that is too high will actually burden the head and make the neck muscles tense and unable to relax.

Also prevent it from getting entangled or covered in blankets. You should also not place a doll that is too large nearby so as not to cover it and interfere with its breathing.

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