An important key to successful breastfeeding


The right breastfeeding position is an important key to successful breastfeeding. Because the right position will produce the right attachment.

You can choose a breastfeeding position while sitting or lying down, whichever is comfortable for you and makes it easier for the baby to reach the breast.

Express a little colostrum or breast milk and apply it to the nipple area and surrounding area.

The way to open the baby's mouth is to touch the nipple to the baby's lips or cheek. Make sure most of the circle/dark area around the nipple enters the baby's mouth.

The baby is carried face to face, the mother's stomach is against the baby's stomach. Position the head, arms and baby in a straight line. Wrap your legs close to your mother's body to prevent your nose from being covered by your breasts. Support the baby, especially the body and buttocks.

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